- Micro lap counter and timing system



LapZ is developed in cooperation with Devinco, Norway and Kyosho, Sweden.



LapZ is a lap counter and timing system designed specifically for small RC cars, e.g. Mini-Z. It comprises several "transponders" (one for each car) and one "bridge", mounted across the track. The "bridge" is connected to a standard computer (via one COM-port), using the computer as controller and to display results.


bulleteasy to use
bulletvery accurate hardware-clock for precise timing (0.005 sec accuracy / 0.001 sec resolution)
bulleteasy to mount and connects to power from the car
bulletflexible ID solution (store new ID into the transponders, no need to exchange transponders if there is an ID conflict)
bulletconnects to standard PC via serial cable
bulletstandard track width 600mm, optional width 1000mm
bullet"unlimited" (255) number of cars at the same time
bulletsmall, lightweight transponders (only 3 g / 0.11 oz)
bulletdraws very little power from the car batteries (<10mA)
bullettransponders inactive when not racing
bulletrugged design


The transponders

The transponder is extremely small and light weight. In addition, it only draws about 10mA current, connected to a voltage source at anything from 4.5 to 6 V. Hence, it can be connected directly to the main batteries at the Mini-Z.

 The transponder is mounted inside the car. With components on only one side, it is very easy to fasten to the car, using double-sided tape. It must be mounted directly beneath the front window of the car, as it uses light to communicate with the bridge.

At this picture, you might be able to spot the transponder through the canopy window, due to the powerful light source directed to the window, and some image processing.

However; normally, you cannot see the transponder from outside the car.

This makes the LapZ system esthetically beautiful, as no parts are visible. It also means that the transponder is well protected, allowing it to have a long lifetime.

The transponders send a unique ID to the bridge, identifying itself. This ID (1-255) can easily be changed using the program that is shipped together with LapZ system. No physical contact, soldering etc. is necessary, as the programming is done while parking the car under the bridge. Hence, the system is very flexible and versatile, because drivers don't have to switch transponders in order to obtain unique IDs. In stead, one simply reprograms the transponders. Once you have programmed an ID into the transponder, however, it remains there until you reprogram it again, - even if you turn off the power. Hence, one transponder can have one unique ID all its life. It's up to you.


The bridge

The bridge contains several sensors connected through a flat cable. Each sensor looks like this:

The standard system comprises six sensors, covering a "normal" track. Optionally, you can use a system with 11 sensors, covering a wider track.

The cable then connects to the LapZ controller card:

This card is connected to a computer via serial cable, making the computer the user interface to the LapZ system. 




Last updated: 01.27.2004 .