- Micro lap counter and timing system



LapZ is developed in cooperation with Devinco, Norway and Kyosho, Sweden.


LapZ Nitro


In order to play sounds in LapZ Nitro, you have to have version 1.2 or later. Also, when updating the program, the sound files are NOT installed. Please download a set of files here, or make your own. The files must be placed in a folder called "res" under the LapZ Nitro folder (usually "C:\Program files\LapZ Nitro\res\"). Here is a list of the files that must be installed to play the sounds:
bulletstart.wav: Played when the user press the "Start" button.
bulletcount.wav: Played during countdown each second.
bulletgo.wav: Played when the countdown is finished.
bulletpass.wav: Played when a car passes the counter.
bulletfinish.wav: Played when the first car is finished.
bulletcomplete.wav: Played when the last car is finished, or if the user manually stops the heat.

List of sounds:
bulletDefault sounds [Download]
bulletF1 style, provided by Claus Norreen [Download]

If you find a great set of sounds that you would like to share with other LapZ Nitro users, please feel free to email us, and we might put them on this site.


Version history

Version 1.31 (06.02.2004):
bulletSome bugfixes
bulletPossibility to choose starttime for qual-heats and time period between heats

Version 1.3 (25.01.2004):
bulletMajor change in display during a heat. This fixes problems when running long heats, or on a "slow" computer.
bulletNow supporting 10 car heats
bulletAdded practice mode
bulletAdded setup of transponder-delay, i.e. set minimum lap time.
bulletQuick preview/print of heat results

Version 1.2 (17.09.2003):
bulletAdded sound. LapZ Nitro will play a sound during countdown, when each car passes, and when the heat is over. These sounds are simple WAV-files, which can be replaced by your own sounds if you have a favorite.
bulletFixed display of time in the race window, so that seconds and milliseconds are displayed correctly.

Version 1.1 (01.05.2003):
bulletAdded update via Internet.

Version 1.0 (01.01.2002):
bulletFirst release

Manual update

Download the latest version of LapZ Nitro, currently version 1.31 (only update), unzip and place in the LapZ Nitro folder (e.g. "C:\Program files\LapZ Nitro"). [Download]

If you don't already have LapZ Nitro installed, or need to reinstall, click here to download the entire setup, version 1.3 (25Mb).



Here is a list of features that you have requested, and that will be implemented in later versions. If you have a wish that is not in this list, please tell us about it.

bulletedit the laps after finishing the heat
bulletprint qualification results
bulletprint heat list




Last updated: 02.06.2004 .