- Micro lap counter and timing system



LapZ is developed in cooperation with Devinco, Norway and Kyosho, Sweden.



This page shows how to best mount the LapZ transponder inside the Kyosho Mini-Z racers.

The transponder must be mounted 100% horizontal, otherwise you may experience drop-outs in the registration. This is due to the fact that the two IrDA transceivers (in the car and on the bridge) must "look" straight at eachother, and not with an angle, as this may severely dampen the light received. Keep this in mind when mounting the transponder! 

Also, it is imperative that both the "spheres" on the IrDA component is placed under the windshield, in a way that both are visible when you put the body on, even from a small angle. Bear in mind that the transponder just as well can be mounted at a 90degrees angle in reference to the way they are mounted in these pictures, if that gives a better view of the IrDA component.


Mini-Z F1


Mini-Z MR01


Mini-Z MR02


Mini-Z Overland


Important! When mounting the transponder like this, it will activate as soon as the batteries are inserted, and will draw power from the batteries even if the car is switched off. Hence, if you plan on having the transponder mounted like this for a long time, make sure you remove at least one of the batteries, so that you don't drain the batteries. However, since the transponder only draws less than 10mA current, there is no rush (it will use 60 hours to drain 600mAh batteries).


Last updated: 01.27.2004 .