- Micro lap counter and timing system



LapZ is developed in cooperation with Devinco, Norway and Kyosho, Sweden.


Not only Mini-Z

A new version of LapZ has proven itself powerful enough to work for 1/10 Touring class cars and others like it, expanding the use from just mini-racers like the Mini-Z.

After some time of R&D, the final test was done January 1st, when it was used in the Norwegian Cup race in Trondheim, Norway. Without dropouts, it proved stable and perfect for lap counting for this type of cars aswell. To visit the arrangers club, visit their homepage (norwegian only).


New transponder

LapZ for larger cars uses the same components for the bridge as for Mini-Z (controller and sensors), just adding more sensors to work in a wider track. However, the transponder is not the same. So you will not be able to use the same transponder in a Mini-Z and a 1/10 Touring car, at least not yet.

So far, a modified version of the transponder is being used:

It is placed under the front windshield. On this Associated TC3, it fits perfectly on top of the steering servo:

The transponder draws power from the radio receiver, either from a free slot on the receiver, or by using a Y-cable. It draws very little power, having no effect on the performance of the car.



To offer a complete solution for this new segment of racers, the ProLap race management program has been extended to work with LapZ, offering a more comprehensive application than LapZ Nitro. For more information, visit their homepage at www.frankandersen.no.



This new version of the LapZ system is currently so "fresh" that it will only be available in a limited edition right now. We have a few systems in stock, with maybe a total of 100 transponders. If you are interrested in this system right now, please send us a mail and we will see what we can do. The new transponders is not available through our distibutors yet.

But later this year, a new batch of transponders will be available in a larger quantity, and then sold through our distributors.




Last updated: 02.01.2004 .