- Micro lap counter and timing system



LapZ is developed in cooperation with Devinco, Norway and Kyosho, Sweden.

Other SW


The LapZ counter and timing system is connected to a standard PC through a serial cable. The PC is used to control the system and display race results.

LapZ Nitro

LapZ Nitro is the original race management software that comes with the system.


bulletRace management system
bulletHandles qualification and final heats
bulletPractice mode
bulletUp to ten drivers simultaneously in each heat
bulletUp to 255 drivers in one race
bulletUnlimited number of drivers stored in the database
bulletTable of lap times
bulletRace time 
bulletMaster lap counter
bulletCurrent driver position indication
bulletProgramming of the transponder ID
bulletAll data automatically saved to database
bulletVarious reports for preview and printing (list of participants in a tournament, qual.results, heat results etc.)


For more information about the LapZ Nitro software, please visit the support pages.


LapZ WinKeyz

There are quite a few programs out there that uses manual registration when a car passes, e.g by letting the user press the key '1' on the keyboard every time car 1 passes. To enable you to use the LapZ system with such programs, we have developed a small utility called "LapZ WinKeyz".

Simply start the "LapZ WinKeyz" utility, configure it by assigning the keystrokes to each car ID, and start the LapZ system. Then, you simply activate the program you want to use (give it focus, as you would to register manually), and the registrations will go automatically! For testing, just open a Notepad-window, and see for yourself. You can enter any string of keys, including codes for special keys. However, most of the time simple keys, like 1 to 9 will be sufficient.

bulletuse available software
bulleteasy to set up and use
bulletunlimited number of cars
bulletsimple keys to complex combinations of keys
bulletincludes programming LapZ ID's

Soon available for download...


Custom software

In addition to provide our own software, we know that there are many competent software developers out there that love making their own programs. There might be many different needs and uses for the LapZ system, so to complement our own software, we encourage users that do not find the provided software suitable for their needs to develop the "perfect" program. If you are a developer, please check here for details...




Last updated: 01.29.2004 .